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How can LW4L help were other programs have failed?

The LW4L program was developed in the medical practice of Dr. Steven Murphy to address the needs of his current patients. There was definitely a disconnect in current medical practice in supporting and treating patients with obesity. The AMA realized this and recognized Obesity was recognized as a disease, which means that the treatment is covered by insurance.

Dr. Murphy developed a protocol that is comprehensive. It doesn’t rely solely on one method but utilizes the best methods that have shown results. It combines activity and calorie reduction, behavior modification, support (weekly visits) and medical treatments needed. In addition, the focus isonmetabolic support to ensure that weight lost is fat, not muscle.

Patients in this program not only lost weight, they had more energy. Some were able to reduce their need for medications related to their obesity. Overall, they were healthier than when they started.

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How is LW4L Different?

Other programs miss the metabolic problems that prevent weight loss.

Certified medical staff provide advice, guidance, and continuity in a private facility.

Things such as vitamin deficiencies or hormonal resistances (insulin, Thyroid). We test and identify these.

Diet, exercise, and behavior counseling is provided by medical professionals.

Our technique uses molecular treatments designed to enhance fat loss and increase energy.

Weight-loss medication is prescribed as needed.

Covered by insurance.

Weight-loss medication is prescribed as needed.