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Sports Physical Spring Hill

The Sports Physical in Spring Hill

(also known as The Pre-Participation Physical Exam)

This exam is required by the Florida High School Athletic Association prior to participation in interscholastic sports activities:

9.7 (FHSSA Form EL2 pre-participation physical exam)

9.7.1 A student must have a physical exam each year.

A student must have a physical exam each year and be certified as being physically fit to participate in interscholastic athletic program. A physical evaluation shall be valid for a period not to exceed one calendar year from the date of practitioners signature. The student cannot be allowed to participate in any activity related to inter scholastic athletic programs until the fully executed physical evaluation form is on file in the school. (S.1002.20(17)(b). Florida Statutes)

9.7.2 Qualified practitioners.

The annual physical evaluation must be administered by a licensed physician, a licensed osteopathic physician, a licensed physician assistant, or a certified advanced registered nurse practitioner.

In other words, you need a physical exam to participate in sports.

The reason for the exams is to ensure athletes can participate safely. We screen for potential illness or conditions that may limit or restrict your sports activity. This exam does not replace your regular physical evaluations by your primary or family doctor.

The Good News.

The sports physical, including a sports physical in Spring Hill, rarely uncovers health problems in kids, but performing a routine History and Physical exam is the best way to ensure the safety of a child who plays sports and help avoid potential risks of injury or illness.

Even if your sports physical does not reveal any problems, it is wise to monitor yourself when you play sports. A new symptom may be just part of the game; such as muscle pain, breathing difficulty, or lightheadedness, but it is still important to mention it to your parents and coach.

The Sports Physical Exam in Spring Hill – Only at LifeGuard Urgent Care!

Be proactive. It is better to have the exam completed 6-8 weeks prior to your sports season, however we can accommodate athletes 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm. You may need a referral, which is rare, but could potentially delay or limit your participation.

What to Bring for the Sports Physical in Spring Hill:

  • Your parents or guardian if under the age of 18
  • Paperwork provided by your school, with the history section filled in. We do have the standard form available if needed.
  • Glasses, contacts, hearing aids or anything you use for daily activity
  • You may wear any clothing, however loose fitting helps with a complete and thorough exam
  • We respect your modesty, and this type of exam for the most part, does not require the removal of clothes. We have eliminated the “hernia check” because the literature does not support the need for this aspect of the exam.
  • $40 One of the lowest prices in Hernando and surrounding counties for the sports physical in Spring Hill!

Have a wonderful summer, and we are here for all your healthcare needs!

Important information: Sport physical in Spring Hill provided by Lifeguard Urgent Care Center applies to children between pre-K and 12th grade.

If you would like more information about physical examination Spring Hill, do not hesitate to contact us!

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